About Emolium

Innovative emollient line acting at four levels

Emolium consists the line of modern emollients providing a complex help fighting with causes and results of the dry skin.

Preparations from the Emolium series were developed in strict co-operation with dermatologists and paediatricians. They are hypoallergic, contain no dyes or fragrances. As first on the market, they provide a complex care for dry and very dry skin, atopic and with tendency to atopy, fighting with causes and results of the dry skin and restoring its natural protective function.
Research carried under dermatologic supervisions allowed to choose active substances, which are safe, lasting and efficient.

Emolium preparations act at four levels:

Emolium restores a natural balance to the skin, thus efficiently supports treatment of dry skin diseases as well as it may consist a prophylactic basis of dry skin care.

In order to gain maximum benefits, use complete emollient therapy

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